Is your organization looking for innovative marketing opportunities to gain immediate access to your market? Sponsoring an L2 Health Management event is an easy and most effective way. Our conferences and seminars focus on the most timely Workplace Health & Wellness issues which attracts Corporations and Organizations from every industry.

Our flexible sponsorship options can be tailored to your company’s priorities and needs. We utilize a number of direct marketing strategies for every conference and seminar we provide. Including your company or product logo will give you maximum branding exposure to the key players in the Corporate community.

Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Do you want to help promote an L2 Health Management event in exchange for promotion of your professional organization? Do you want to raise the profile of your association and attract new members? Opportunities include distribution of membership sign-up information, branding on conference promotional materials and special discounts for members. For more information on partnerships please, email: info@L2health.com.

“I just want to thank you both for coordinating the sessions I have attended. You bring together relevant topics and include all the aspects one must look at or consider when tackling these issues in the workplace. You are providing a great service by providing training/education here in Regina to help HR professionals to gain new information, tools and skills.”